Individual differences in lyric focus: Validating the Lyric Focus Questionnaire (LFQ)

Cannistraro, Graham, Cadorette, & Vuvan, 2024, EPA


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Lyric Focus Questionnaire (LFQ)


Example Trial #1


1. What sports game does the singer remember going to when she was younger?

  • a. Basketball
    b. Hockey
    c. Football
    d. Baseball

2. Who took the singer to the sports game she sings about?

3. What genre of music was playing on the radio in the singer’s memory?

4. How did the song make you feel?

5. How much did the melody of the song captivate your attention (not a lot – a lot)?

6. How does the singer feel (very sad – very happy)?


Example Trial #2


1. What body of water is mentioned in the song?

2. What type of band does the singer hear playing music?

  • a. A rock band
    b. A village band
    c. A jazz band
    d. A country band

3. The singer describes air that was calm as it floated in.

  • a. True
    b. False

4. During the clip did you find yourself moving to the beat?

  • a. Yes
    b. No

5. What musical aspect stood out to you the most? (melody, lyrics, mood, instruments, sounds, feeling etc.)

6. How sad or happy does the singer sound (very sad – very happy)?